Thursday, December 16, 2010

Martyn Allison

Is everyone out there, out to get this man? HE IS A LIVING HUMAN BENG, JUST LIKE YOU! you may think he is a heartless man, who screws you over, but in the end he is a man working hard, every day to put food on the table. you may see him like "the english guy who screwed me over" but, he has a family and he works to keep things floating just in case, this is unreasonable: WX2C from states: "Hope  Martyn has his  nitro  w/ him when i answer the door... being 6' 3"  and  375 #  he may be surprised whats behind door number one."
Can't he sue him for threatning him? if he has family, he could make one hell of a story out of it, and take this guy down, to me thats fair game, Martyn can take this and smear it all over the news, and im sure he gets hate mail from every thing that is put out on the net.
Look, point is, we are people, and we all do things we regret, but none of the people actually KNOW what could be going on in this mans life, he could have cancer, or be diying, YOU DONT KNOW. its up setting to see how much people say, but never do....... think before you say/do things, if you have a family, and you  threat someone, he could basically own you.

now, i may not know this man, but he sure as hell gets around.