Thursday, December 16, 2010

Martyn Allison

Is everyone out there, out to get this man? HE IS A LIVING HUMAN BENG, JUST LIKE YOU! you may think he is a heartless man, who screws you over, but in the end he is a man working hard, every day to put food on the table. you may see him like "the english guy who screwed me over" but, he has a family and he works to keep things floating just in case, this is unreasonable: WX2C from states: "Hope  Martyn has his  nitro  w/ him when i answer the door... being 6' 3"  and  375 #  he may be surprised whats behind door number one."
Can't he sue him for threatning him? if he has family, he could make one hell of a story out of it, and take this guy down, to me thats fair game, Martyn can take this and smear it all over the news, and im sure he gets hate mail from every thing that is put out on the net.
Look, point is, we are people, and we all do things we regret, but none of the people actually KNOW what could be going on in this mans life, he could have cancer, or be diying, YOU DONT KNOW. its up setting to see how much people say, but never do....... think before you say/do things, if you have a family, and you  threat someone, he could basically own you.

now, i may not know this man, but he sure as hell gets around.


  1. Hello... This is Leslie Allison. I am Martyn's wife. We have been through all of this with the KY State Police. Some of the individuals ARE in fact being watched, so we don't worry. Plus, guns live here. And I personally have the right, under this states' castle law, to defend myself, our children, and anyone else on/in our homestead and vehicle. I am not worried. So, moving on from that, I would like the opportunity to defend my husband, whom I love deeply and share in his frustrations.
    1. We have tried NUMEROUS times to confront postings and to respond to them. HOWEVER, in this marvolous and FREE nation, I myself have had my postings removed from sites, and banned. Funny.
    2. We have ALWAYS, without exceptions, settled EACH AND EVERY dispute we have ever had.
    3. We cannot stop liars and slanderers, we have a business to run, and a family to maintain.
    4. There is a group of ONLY ABOUT 10-12 old men (hens) that feel they were justified in making up LIES TO BEGIN WITH, that got this whole thing started. (which law enforcement and attorney's continue to document thru on-line postings and our emails.)

    Now, I would like end this post by saying that I know this posting will probably be removed, or someone will cry to me about how they were cheated. BUT.... we run this business TOGETHER, and NOT ONE PERSON can EVER tell me that we did NOT refund them, or make things right. And the worst scum in the world in fact, IS NOT MY HUSBAND, but a few OTHER husbands of some very poor women out there that LIE and their ONLY desire is to cause problems in other people's lives.


    If we were so terrible, then we wouldn't still be in business, nor would we be as successful as we have been. Remember that.

  2. Also, do a search for "any company name" complaints.... you'll find, we're pretty darn good. Matter of fact, I think we're one of the BEST! :)

  3. Here is a PRIME example of what happens when we try to defend ourselves. After responding on they blocked our IP address. Fair huh? These are the types of things that our attorneys document for suit.

  4. I for one am glad that Radio-Mart is off of EBay
    for good. No more fake photos, schill bidding, junk radios described as "mint", or "fully tested by our engineers" (WHAT engineers?)

    This is a GREAT day for ham radio!
    73, Ken AD6KA

  5. By Mrs. Radio Mart:
    (Why is he hiding behing his wife's skirt, BTW?)
    "Here is a PRIME example of what happens when we try to defend ourselves. After responding on they blocked our IP address. Fair huh?"

    I call it pay back. Martin's CLASSIC response
    for people who questioned his business practices,complained about the junk they got, questioned his product descriptions,or any negative feedback was to BLOCK THEM.
    How does it feel, huh?

    "These are the types of things that our attorneys document for suit."
    Hahahahahaha! ROFLMAO!
    Who you gonna sue and for what?
    You're crooks and got caught.

    The only attorneys YOU have use for are Defense Attorneys, for the Mail Fraud, Income Tax Evasion, and (probably) Immigration laws you've broken.

    Again, GOOD RIDDANCE TO Radio-Mart and EVERYONE associated with him.

  6. Leslie Allison, why did you attempt to sell a tek scope with 'radio-mart' photos?
    The same scope that 'ts944' won as high bidder only days before the very same item appeared on your ebay auction?
    Truth hurts don't it?
    You posted that family photo on your about me page, you, your shill bidder husband and daughters.

    Your weapons at home will be of little use to you in the afterlife.
    Your loving shill bidder Marty will need an
    air conditioner where he will end up.

  7. Take a look at the loving husband who is behind the Radio-Mart disasters.

  8. I'm sure the KY Atty General as well as Internal Revenue will be contacting your loving husband, marty, the Radio-Mart seller shortly.

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  15. All good publicity from where I sit,, now let me put you all straight, I decided myself to no longer sell on eBay, hey with my own web site why on earth would I want to pay their fees? doesnt make good business sense to me, now as far as any scams,, why have I never been taken to court?, Schill bidding,, why would I want to do that, I get enough for my products without lowering myself to that illegal practise, Why am I a BBB A+ member, why would Heil, LDG and many other reputable businesses deal with me if I was soooo bad, a handful of idiots have their opinion but they also have lied. and as for threats, hmm be very careful there.
    IRS,, call them,, heck I had an audit this year,, they paid me back $16 so thank you to the idiot who put a link to the IRS to have me investigated,, Attorney General,, never met him,, but what I do know is there are a small handful of lying good for nothing idiots out there who have nothing better to do with their time, the more gossip about me the more the search engines like to put my company at the top hence my response here, those who keep it up please continue as its good for me.
    Oh and Finally to those who have been barred from and, ask yourself why the owners would do that, basically because you lie, threaten and spread gossip and have been proved wrong. Later,, 73s Martyn K4TEC

  16. Lexington BBB > Business Directory > Radio Communication Equipment & Systems > Radio Mart

    overviewcomplaintsdirections What is a BBB Business Review?

    Radio Mart
    (859) 221-8015
    132 Prater Dr, Georgetown, KY 40324-8663

  17. Ok.... THIS is Martyns wife. He IS in fact a liar, thief AND cheater. He has been posting as me for a long time apparently.... Nice one, Martyn. Good thing i filed for divorce.

  18. Of course Martyn Allison is a liar and a cheat. It's no coincidence that dozens of people have similar stories to tell, despite his pathetic blathering about a conspiracy. Dont do people over and they won't write negative things about you - its wonderfully simple and it's called karma! On that point, this guy really does deserve cancer...